Plastic Pallet For Parts Logistics

In the field of logistics, one pallet knowledge is essential. Plastic pallet is closely connected with warehousing activities, and used as a place to put stuff.

Pallet usual I found was the size of 100 cm x 120 cm with a kind of "two-way" or stringer pallet. The similarity dimension pallet rack facilitate the procurement or design, the goal put the length, width and height for temporary storage.

pallet plastik bekas

History shows that the use of a pallet is long enough, the design of the early 2nd century adjusted only for the storage and transportation of goods. This is due to the technology Forklift vertically transporting goods has not developed as it is today. Furthermore, in 1926 along with the use of more modern forklift, pallet designed for vertical storage.

Pallet also has the ISO standard, even on the wikipedia site can be seen that Europe, Australia and America has its own standards.